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Hello Everyone!

At the upcoming Spring Conference, I'm going to be discussing some of the most frequently asked questions regarding text reminders, websites, social media, and online marketing.  Much of this is due to the changes made last September by Google that are proving to be some of the most significant enhancements that Google has implemented in the last decade.  We want to make sure that everyone has the right information and has an easy understanding of what this means for your offices going forward.  We are going to provide everything you and your offices need to know as well as provide an opportunity to enhance our service to exceed the current Google standard for SEO.

That being said, there are a few critical changes that were made by Google that we could not ignore, nor wait until the conferences to start before fixing them.  The major change is to the actual websites themselves.  Our last service, which the majority of our users were on, came out in 2012.  These designs were nice and had a lot of written stock chiropractic information in them compared to our current sites.  The problem is that these designs and the content in them were actually damaging all of our offices ranking.  These sites were built on an older version of HTML5 that Google rendered as insecure and were easily content penalized.  Once we knew of these penalties, we stopped making these designs in 2014 and started moving everyone to our current system.  We then announced this change as a free upgrade to all of our website clients and encouraged each of you to upgrade for FREE on your own, through multiple emails, discussions, and announcements made at our conferences over the last 3 years.  

Due to these new requirements by Google, these older sites were not only getting penalized in ranking, they were now causing all of our upgraded sites that are built up to the standard and getting better search results, to not perform as well because they were all on the same server.  This is unacceptable for our company and the standard of excellence that we have maintained with our website service.  So in the best interest of all of our clients and to make sure that our Integrity Doctors Website Service maintains it's high level of performance, we must make a change in order to make sure that every office is getting the best possible results online and is staying current with the latest Google requirements.  

The great news is that this change doesn't require you to do anything! As of January 1st, we are and have been upgrading every single Integrity Doctors Website to our current system.  This means, your office doesn't have to submit or do anything.  This mandatory and required upgrade is now being completed automatically on every single Integrity Doctors Website in order to make sure that every office gets the best results online.  This FREE upgrade is expected to be completed by mid April 2017.  This does mean your website will look a little different once completed by one of our web design experts and you will have the ability to enhance it on your own or change the layout on your own once it is complete by using the simple to follow video instructions provided on the Client Connection Page.  These sites are awesome as I designed them myself based on the most successful and current marketing trends!  We are updating these designs constantly with new enhancements and features, as well as continually monitoring and implementing the latest SEO techniques to keep your site at its peak performance!

We are so anxious for you to experience our new and easier website system!   I am also really excited to show you at the upcoming conference, the new video upgrades you will be getting later this year that will enhance and expand your Integrity Doctors Website.  You're going to love these new educational videos that will really impress your patients and educate them on the benefits of chiropractic care.  I look forward to seeing you there and we hope you enjoy your new office website!

Ryan K. Maule

CCO, Integrity Doctors

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